Saturday, March 15, 2008

Open Call for Submissions: March 15 - December 15, 2008

I was going to wait until April 1 to open the submission call, but, A) the whole April Fool's Day thing; and, B) I like the idea of a nine-month reading period for my labor of love here. OK, either way, it was going to sound cheesy, but, oh, well... I'm just glad to get this thing off the ground already.

Here is the official call for submissions that is appearing in Poets & Writers:

MELUSINE, OR WOMAN IN THE 21ST CENTURY is a new online journal that explores the good, bad, and ugly of the contemporary female experience, especially that of the female artist/thinker, through art, poetry, short fiction, and essay. We want only ambitious, thought-provoking work that is carefully crafted and pushes boundaries. Artists please query. Writers, feel free to query or send 1-4 poems, 1 piece of short fiction, or 1-2 essays and a short bio in the body of an e-mail to If there are formatting concerns, especially with poems, please attach a Word document version as well. More details at

And that would be here. Glad you dropped by. Welcome!
Those additional details you're seeking can probably be found in either the next two paragraphs or my two introductory posts below.

Regarding simultaneous submissions, they are fine as long as you notify me in your e-mail that they are such, and then, if they are accepted elsewhere, you notify me immediately so that I can remove them from consideration.
Previously published work is not acceptable, however.
I have no plans to do theme issues. However, as you might guess from the title, I have a fondness for mermaid/siren/selkie/Melusine imagery, and such images and themes are bound to appear in the journal as recurring motifs, when I come across them in well-written work or original art.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to either query to or, if you wish, and you have a Blogger account, respond to this post.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your work!


Jennifer K Dick said...

This looks like an excellent project! I put up your call for work here in Paris also for authors and translators who might be interested. It is on the June listing at: and perhaps once your review gets rolling there might be an opportunity to have a reading here in paris!! Best, Jennifer K Dick

J. Elyse Kihlstrom said...

Thanks so much, Jennifer!
I would very much like to do a Melusine reading in Paris at some point (and not just for an excuse to visit Paris again, although that would be a great side benefit :)

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