Thursday, October 28, 2010

Best of the Web Nominations

We are proud to announce our first Best of the Web nominations.  If any or all of our nominees are selected, they will appear in Dzanc Books' 2011 anthology.

I have to say it was a tough decision narrowing three issues' worth of work we're really proud of down to only three pieces.  All three poets appeared in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue, and two of them were also our top poetry contest winners.  The list is:

  • Jessica Cuello, "In the Spired House"
  • Whitney Vaughan, "O Joy, Mouths the Muse to Her Suitor"
  • Clare L. Martin, "Winter Brought Out All the Knives"

Congrats and good luck to all of our nominees!

And on this topic, although we informed the nominees, we're very sorry that we neglected to announce our Pushcart Prize nominees for 2011 here on the blog.  (The prizes were announced earlier this year.)

Our selections for Pushcart were two short stories from the Summer 2009 issue that we really loved, as follows:

  • Janey Bennett, "Eeva Dreams of Falling"
  • Teresa Peipins, "That Underwater Place"

We will be announcing our 2012 Pushcart nominees later this year.

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