Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Poetry Contest Finalists

We're pleased to announce the 10 finalists for our 2011 Vivienne Haigh-Wood Prize for a single poem.  The prize winner will receive $500 and the winning poem will appear in our Spring/Summer 2011 issue, out next month.  The second and third place poems will also appear in a special section of the issue, and all non-winning finalists will be listed there as honorable mentions.  Finalists will be notified of the status of their entries shortly before the issue appears.  Congrats and good luck to all!

*Finalists are listed in alphabetical order by name.

Lou Amyx:  Roses
Connie Boyle:  An Inheritance
Pat Hurshell:  Elegy (in 3 movements)
Pat Hurshell:  Leda Tells It Again
Tomasz Mielcarek:  I Was Waiting For You
Jenny Sanders:  Mama's Little Heartbreaker
Lorraine Schein:  The Hanged Woman
Lorraine Schein:  The Lady in the Lake
N. A’Yara Stein:  For the Rest of Our Lives, That Far Place Waits
Julie Stuckey:  Watching the Door